One Year of Breastfeeding: The Math

One Year of Breastfeeding: The Math

I celebrate one year of breastfeeding milestone, because it comes from a place of great love, but also sacrifice. Society guilts us into thinking it should be "easy" and come "naturally" because it is natural. Breastfeeding is a learned skill by both parent and baby. Even IF it comes "easily" it can still be lonely and challenging at times. 

Here are some rough stats behind my breastfeeding journey. I spent 456 hours breastfeeding or pumping for a year, that's over 70 gallons of milk produced. Take a look at the infographic for a breakdown of milk-making metrics.

January 27, 2023 — Candice Collison
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A Mama's Intentions for 2022

Working mother's intentions for the year. Ten intentions for 2022 from startup founder, freelancer, and mama of two (almost three), to bring balance, joy, and stability to #momlife and the postpartum journey.
January 10, 2022 — Candice Collison
New Mom Tips from Linda Szmulewitz: Newborn Sleep & New Mom Guru

New Mom Tips from Linda Szmulewitz: Newborn Sleep & New Mom Guru

When I became a mama, I had no idea how much I would change, and how little I would know. I was in awe of everything my sweet girl did, was obsessive over her naps, feedings, and felt guilty if I took a shower and came back to her awake from a nap and crying for me. 

Becoming a mama changes you in ways you couldn’t imagine. You will never have all the answers, no matter how many Google searches you make or how many mom forums you follow, but with a tribe of mamas going through the same experience, and experts like Linda, you can feel supported and more prepared!

September 11, 2021 — Candice Collison